Copy and Paste Widget

Add trading at the best price to any web interface by copy and pasting a few lines of code.

Copy and paste the snippet of code below into the head section of your HTML.

const config = {
sourceAssetAddress: null,
sourceAmountDecimal: null,
destinationAssetAddress: null,
destinationAmountDecimal: null,
apiKey: null,
partnerContractAddress: null,
const nodeId = 'totle-widget';
!function(){const t=document.createElement("script");t.type="text/javascript";const e=()=>{,document.getElementById(nodeId))};t.readyState?t.onreadystatechange=function(){"loaded"!=t.readyState&&"complete"!=t.readyState||(t.onreadystatechange=null,e())}:t.onload=function(){e()},t.src="",document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(t)}();

You will need a div with an ID that matches thenodeId in the snippet: totle-widget

You can do this by copy and pasting the snippet of code below into the body section of your HTML where you would like the Widget to appear.

<div id='totle-widget'></div>

If you require a code snippet for non-english speaking users, let us know and we will send you a snippet for the locale you require.

This is an image of what the Totle Widget will look like in your website.

To try out a live Totle Widget, follow this link:‚Äč


Can I earn fees with the Totle Widget? Yes. By passing a fee contract into the partnerContractAddress parameter, you can earn fees on your Totle Widget swaps. To set up a fee contract, visit the Totle Console to deploy your own partner contract or message us at and we can set up a flexible custom contract for you. Can I view my Totle Widget's transaction activity somewhere? If you have a fee contract set up, yes. You can check on your fee contract's activity in the Totle Console. Can I pre-select which tokens will be trade-able in my Totle Widget? Yes. By configuring the soureAssetAddress and the destinationAssetAddress to your desired tokens, you can pre-select which tokens will be trade-able in your widget.


If you need help or have some feedback for us, send us a message in the Totle Telegram.